Mr. Joel,<br /> <br /> First I just want to thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us. Like many, I think you are brilliant and I have done my best to see you every time you come to Ft. Lauderdale. I have an extensive collection of all of your music. My favorite is Laura which is hard to find but I think the lyrics are outstanding. We all have a friend like that I’m sure. Can I ask if that song is based on someone you know or is it just one of the characters in your head? I am a 51 year old nice looking woman that would probably give up a body part just to have 5 minutes to sit with you over a glass of nice wine and just talk to you. I know everyone wants something from you and I am no different. Since I know I will never have the honor or privilege of meeting you I only hope that you will take time to send me an autograph signed by you directly. Meeting you is on my bucket list but I will never have the money to make that happen so the next best thing would be an autograph.


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