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  • Hello Brian, I´m glad Wembley went out well. The few comments on the sound were far away from my harsh comments on Frankfurt sound. And obviously your team made adjustments during the show. Hope I´ve the opportunity to see and hear all of you on ano…
  • Hey Brian, hope the acoustics are better for tomorrow than in Frankfurt on the 3rd of sept. Poor Billy took all our critics and in fact he stands behind you. So don´t disappoint the audience in Wembley and specially Billy. Maybe cutting off just a l…
  • Hello Billy, I was not going to give more comments, but now I´m here again. …. sry I am glad that you obviously took notice on our disappointment and frustration for the concert in Frankfurt and try to improve and bring top quality to your fans in…
  • Dear Billy, I wish all the best to you and I`ll bet you will have a better sound for the audience in London after all our complaints. I´m sorry for it. Still and for ever a great fan of yours. Love Maya
  • sry Lieber Mann of course I ment Lieberberg. Typical "Freudsche Fehlhandlung"
  • Hello all of you ! As we learned the team of Billy Joel (sound engineers) are supposed to be the only responsible for the sound (as far to Lieberberg). But when you rent a location, you should at least give points to the special and tricky peculiar…