People in BJ's songs (Are they real people?)

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Hey guys,
I was wondering if the people Billy writes about in his songs are real or if they are characters in storys he had writen. I was wondering if maybe there was an interview where he was asked this question.

Like whats the deal with Brenda and Eddie, Anthony,Rosalinda or John ???

If you know.................. let me know.

please reply to this post.

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    on the complete hits collection there is an explanation of the song piano man and all the people are apparently real people that hung out at the bar, davy was in the navy, the waitress was his ex wife, john was the bartender paul was a realestate agent who was writing the great american novel etc. Rosalinda is Billy's Mother, i don't think brenda and eddie are actually people, not sure on that one, ive heard varying stories on that song. Judy is Billy's sister, not sure about Anthony, Leyna or Roberta, or any others im missing. maybe someone else knows. Oh and Billy the kid is neither the real billy the kid or billy joel.
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    Rosalinda is BJ's mum Rosalind (so is Laura).
    Scenes was actually three songs that he amalgamated in to one in the studio, but he did know characters similar to Brenda and Eddie.
    Leyna, according to Liberty in the Mark Bego biography, was a girl friend of someone he met during a recording session, not someone he ever went out with.
    Roberta is a prostitute, don't know if he ever met her in reality. There was a girl called Virginia at school with him.


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    Thanks guys,
    What is Rosalinda about? That song sounds like a love song. But the girl in the song is his mother. I dont get it.

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    Rosalinda is a lullaby written to/for his mother. Even Billy finds it bizarre, as implied by his intro to the song at the WMMR show (something along the lines of "you try to figure that one out.")
  • Billy sometimes refers to Rosalinda's Eyes as the song his father should have written for his mother...
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    Thanks for all the replys guys.

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    "Working to hard can give you a heart attack ak ak ak ak ak"
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    I don't know if anyone mentioned it...
    and it's not technically a person, but representative of one....
    Downeaster Alexa is about his daughter.
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    Oh yeah!
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  • Laura is actually Elizabeth Weber.
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    My name is David and when this song came out I was in the Navy and got teased about being a "lifer". It turned out to be true, I spent 25 years in the Navy.
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