Cleveland Tix

Does anyone know where/how I can get presale tix to the Cleveland show?


  • pmrochepmroche Posts: 5
    I don't know, but if you find out, drop a note here! I plan to go as well--haven't missed a Billy show in Cleveland or Richfield since 1986! But like you I'm sure, I HATE ticketmaster and even if I log on at 10AM and get in fast, the tix I end up with are always complete crap. I'd love for that to change, for once.
  • pmrochepmroche Posts: 5
    I do know that at Elton's site if you join the Rocket Club, you will eventually get an opportunity to purchase premium tix for the show. The catch is, you're only allowed max two tickets per show--and they will be the highest price range. I'm not willing to pay quite that much, and I need eight seats preferably in the first or second level from floor.
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