Rescheduled vs. Cancelled Concerts

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We purchased tickets to the Billy Joel concert originally scheduled on 7-23-20 because we planned to spend 2 days in NY before a cruise to Bermuda. Due to the extraordinary COVID-19 situation, our flights, hotels and cruise were cancelled and all of our money was refunded with no questions and excellent customer service. The Billy Joel tickets have been another story. Because the concert was RESCHEDULED to January 13, 2021 and not cancelled, our purchase price of $1117.92 with VIVID Seats is being held hostage. We are unable to travel to New York in January, 2021. Does Billy Joel understand how he enabled ticket companies to keep purchaser's money by rescheduling vs. canceling and then scheduling at a safer time? Other performers understood and did the right thing. We ask that Billy Joel and his staff cancel the January 13, 2021 concert and schedule the performance at a safer time, thereby requiring VIVID Seats to refund our purchase price.


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    I am experiencing the same scenario with ticketmaster. MSG will not refund the money. Billy Joel should be embarrassed about how they are handling it and if he knows about it and does nothing to correct it then it is on him with the fans he looses.
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    So are we just speaking into a vacuum? Do Billy Joel or his staff read these comments/requests? If not, we should research the class action on this issue and contact counsel to join.
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    Hi billy
    I am writing to you from Chile. We bought tickets in September 2019 to go to one of your concerts in NYC in March.

    Although the concert is still dated for the end of September, in my country the borders have not been opened because of COVID. Please Billy, arrange to cancel the concert.

    We will come to see you when everything is back to normal, but right now we need the money.

    Thank you very much.

    Pedro Cruz
  • Agreed, we have tickets for the October show (formerly April) but if we had September we would really need to book flights and hotel soon.

    Does MSG, Ticketmaster or Billy Joel see the current situation changing so dramatically over the next 3 weeks to open the doors to 20,000 people? Broadway is closed till 2021,

    I agree that the right thing to do is to cancel the shows, he isn't going to have a problem selling out when things get back to some sense of normalcy.
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    While I am in NJ and don't have the travel restrictions of some other fans, we are a retired couple and could certainly use the refund. At this point, who can even think of sitting with 20,000 other fans at MSG? While Billy Joel did not cause Covid, he can certainly respond with kindness and call the cancellation. He doesn't need the money!!
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    I’m a long time fan that is done with Billy Joel. Much like the others who have previously committed, we purchased tickets for a June 2020 concert than was rescheduled. First it was rescheduled to October 2020, then to December 2020 and now it’s been moved to February 2022? WTF? You can’t make this type of scam up!

    I do believe if enough fans that have been fleeced by Mr. Joel and his crooked promoters stand up someone will listen. I’m going to continue to share my story with any and all social media connections and outlets. I encourage anyone who reads this and has also been scammed to do the same.

    Shame on you Billy Joel.
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    I "was" a lifelong fan of Billy Joel... from The Innocent Man tour to every show in-between.. I've been there.. I've bought all the DVDs, all the CDs, all the albums back in the day.. all the digital downloads. I am DISGUSTED that Joel has decided to "postpone" and keep rescheduling concerts that should just be cancelled. I always thought he cared about his fans... and realize now he is greedy and worthless. True colors revealed. Every other artist/ show has refunded our tickets for cancelled shows. Not Joel. Not only can't I bear to listen to his music anymore, I am spreading who he really is on all social media channels (and we have a far reach with the work we do). I know you keep deleting my other posts.. but you can't stop me from spreading the truth... give us our money back!!!
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    Again the Billy Joel concert is postponed to March instead of cancelled and a new date scheduled! We seem to be speaking into nothingness! Billy Joel do you have any idea how you have enabled the ticket companies to keep thousands of dollars of your fans?
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    As we get no response from the Billy Joel group, get vocal on social media and consider joining the lawsuit of other like ticket holders that their $$$ is being held hostage.
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