Fenway concert

Bostons Mayor announcement : no gatherings until after Labor Day or longer .. wether Billy Joel cancels or not the Mayor has cancelled it. Vivid seats says ,, nope no money back till billy Joel cancels it... wtf ! Time to get this figured out!


  • Cuomo
    Is an idiot and robably no show until 2021
    I may be. Dead by then
  • Melissa222Melissa222 Posts: 1
    I'm celebrating my (Breast) Cancerversary today (8/27/12). I was supposed to be attending my 7th Fenway (19th overall) Billy concert tomorrow night. As silly as it sounds, it has been the ONE thing since being diagnosed and Billy starting to play at Fenway that I have looked forward to EVERY year. I call it my yearly celebration. This is the first time since his yearly Fenway Park run that my Cancerversary has fallen this close to his actual concert. It stinks that the show has been postponed due to COVID but I totally understand.

    I also want to give a shout out to several of his band members. A few (Crystal & Mike) whom I've had the pleasure of meeting many times over the last few years, others only once or twice. They all truly connect with their fans. Granted I stick out like a sore thumb (very short, natural red hair) so I'm easy to remember.

    I'm connected with several band members on Facebook. Every year since Billy started playing at Fenway they have asked me how I'm feeling when/if I see them prior to the concert. When I connected with Crystal, Mike and a few others last year I had already finished chemo (lost my signature red hair) and had 2 sessions (25 total) of radiation left. Even without my signature red hair, they knew who I was and asked how I was feeling. If that's not a sign they do truly connect and care about their fans I don't know what is.

    While I had another major set back (4th surgery) in my Breast Cancer fight in early June, I was looking forward to this years show to celebrate, but I will have to settle for celebrating extra hard next year. Stay safe everyone and see you next year at Fenway!!
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