Identity thieves claiming to be Billy Joel will contact you claiming "my marriage is in shambles," I want you instead of my wife." Then they will ask you for money, credit cards, assets ... You name it. Ladies, Watch Out.


  • Oh ... And they usually start by asking for about 1k for a private "Meet & Greet" ticket. You all work hard for your money! Don't fall for it!!!
  • I have been approached twice on Instagram by two separate profiles stating he is Billy Joel, and wants to do something nice for his fans. He says he will be giving gifts and prizes to his fans. To qualify for prizes this scammer wants personal information such as name, address, phone numbers and bank account numbers.
  • This was a 16 month chase with promises of love, accusations against his wife & on & on & on. I am still trying to figure out who this person was. He followed me to other performers websites claiming to be jealous. It was an intense, full-blown scam. I believe it originated over-seas. The best part was we never met. I was told to get a passport and plan trips. I was even given fake phone calls before performances. I traced the ph# once and it was in NY City. I will always be confused by this insane person. At least I am alive.
  • OK. This is what could be done to slow down this 1 particular identity thief... He thrives on the fact that there are no recent photos of Billy & his wife that clarify the date online. He uses the visual ambiguity to hurt and stalk. So Please post some corona-kisses between this happily married couple. It would help some other poor women this slug is preying on. THANKS!!!
  • Or continue to do nothing ...
  • He knows he's played out his hand with me
    He's undoubtedly grooming other victims. Please protect them.
  • letsmoraletsmora Posts: 1
    Thank you for the advice. I just got approached by someone claiming to be Billy Joel but I told my husband, hmm, this sounds fishy to me. Even told me to email his management team for a private meet and greet. I am glad I saw these posts.
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