Goodnight Wuhan

New to the Board. Grew up in Jersey. Love Billy Joel. Would love for him to be involved in a rally song for New York and the country and the world. Thought that rewording Goodnight Saigon to Goodnight Wuhan would be the best way to do it. For the chorus, would love to have all essential service people involved...esp doctors and nurses, but also transit people, grocery clerks, police etc. Here is my version of reworked lyrics

Goodnight Wuhan
Billy Joel

We met as inmates
On Staten Island
We’ll leave as soulmates
From an asylum
And we changed much
Just to survive
And we changed more to save others lives

We started willful
Like tameless horses
then some in plastic
left us as corpses
And we learned fast
These things by heart
To wash our hands well
And stand six feet apart

We had no Purell
We had no TP
Thank God for Netflix
And reruns on TV
Sheltered in place
Take out each night
And prayed to Jesus Christ
With all of our might

We have no nights out,
B-Ball or baseball
We pass our time now
With xbox and Fortnite
This virus is dark
As dark as night
We stay away from each other
Even sisters and brothers
We promised our mothers we'd Skype

And we will all get through together
we say we will all get through together
Yes we will all get through together

Listen to Donald
Listen to Cuomo
Make us shout “Hell Yes”
Make us scream “Hell No!”
And who is left
And who is right
It shouldn’t matter
In the thick of this fight

It kills the old
The Infirm, and the sick
It rules with fear
And that fear, seems to last
As long as six weeks
On Staten Island

Thank God for heroes
Who make it their soul task To care for strangers
In worn Scrubs and used Masks
We heard the tales of their valor
How some gave up their lives for
Any more from them we could not ask.

And we will all get through together
Then we'll all rise up together
Yes we will all get through together


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