Concert on June 6th in MSG

Is this concert still on following Mayor DeBlasio's cancellation of all public events through June?


  • bevster21bevster21 Posts: 3
    edited 04/21/20
    Good question. Please let us know asap. When we bought our tickets we were planning to celebrate my sister’s 60th (June 7th) at your concert in NYC, but I can’t imagine filling an arena on June 6th. It will be a bummer, but it makes sense to cancel or postpone this concert under covid-19, especially in NYC.
  • cmzmunichcmzmunich Posts: 2
    ... and I was planning on celebrating my 65th in NYC! According to the ticket agency, it's still on so no refund yet.
  • beadubbeadub Posts: 1
    I have the same question. I have tickets for June 6, coming in from out of town and getting quite anxious about waiting and waiting for this event to be cancelled or postponed. Why is it taking so long. There is no way it is safe to attend a concert in a huge venue packed with people in the City hardest hit by the virus. Has anyone heard anything from anyone official?
  • Telling you it won’t happen
    Distancing is for months
    So don’t hold your breath
    Mine is rescheduled in September and I do not think it will happen
  • GtownManGtownMan Posts: 1
    Southwest airlines has cancelled flights into NYC and my hotel has cancelled my reservation - so how am I to get to NYC to attend. What's the hold up with announcing that this concert isn't going to happen??? If they haven't figured out a reschedule date, at least post that it is officially postponed and a date is TBD
  • bevster21bevster21 Posts: 3
    Exactly! A little transparency goes a long way with the fans!
  • Hi, I have 4 tickets for my wife, mom, and dad. We are suppose to be flying into NYC on June 5th for this show. Looks like we aren’t going to make it out of concern for my parents health. Wish Billy Joel’s group would be respectful and give us an update as to what’s going on.
  • taikinstaikins Posts: 1
    I am sure Billy is trying to decide whether or not to retire completely. June/July/August shows at MSG are all likely to be cancelled. Until now he has been moving one show at a time - so June would likely be re-scheduled for December - July into January - August into February - and then you are into shows that have been re-scheduled once already. A real nightmare for his management team. Let's get some news soon please (I doubt management reads these anyway).
  • bevster21bevster21 Posts: 3
    Just received an email from Vividseats that the June 6th concert is rescheduled to December 20th.
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