June 20 Notre Dame

Any word on the June 20th show at Notre Dame?


  • In view of the COVID-19 virus. Is the Billy Joel concert at Notre Dame on June 20th going to take place? Or are we going to be refunded?
  • The way I see it they want to keep distancing for months so I think everything is going to be cancelled until next year
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  • clarsen818clarsen818 Posts: 1
    It would be really nice if someone would let us all know the status of this event.
  • woobie219woobie219 Posts: 1
    ND has cancelled or postponed or gone virtual with all on campus activities through June 7. I emailed their public affairs about the concert a couple of weeks ago but no reply. With Indiana’s guidelines stage 4 could start June 14 and states large venues may open with social gatherings guidelines. Not sure if crowd surfing is still a thing (last time I participated was at a Royal Crescent Mob show in Columbus) but hard to imagine holding a show if the 6 foot rule is still in place. This website, Ticketmaster and all involved seem to be avoiding a refund option which seems a bit tone deaf to say the least given financial situations for people currently and in the future.
  • mccgatemccgate Posts: 2
    Received an email today...

    We've worked with the event organizer to reschedule your event and make sure you still have the chance to attend. Your tickets are still valid for the new date.

    June 26, 2021 @ 8:00 PM
    Notre Dame Stadium
    We understand that you might not be able to make it, but have worked with the event organizer to make sure you have an option.

    You have until June 7, 2020 to choose the option below.

    Request a Refund

    If you prefer a refund, you can request one here. We will process your refund in as soon as 30 days.
    Request Refund
    Please Note: To be eligible, you must have purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster and not have transferred, posted or sold them. If the tickets were transferred to you, you will need to transfer them back to the original purchaser in order for them to take advantage of the above.

    If you do not choose this option by June 7, 2020, your tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled date.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to gathering and celebrating the live experience together again.

    -Ticketmaster Fan Support
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