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Going to the Amelie Arena. Hicksville Girl seeing Billy Joel for the second time. First time was in Chicago many years ago. I hope he plays The Ballad of the Billy the Kid!


  • Hey Now! I'll be at the show tonight solo. I've been to over 25 shows since The Bridge tour. I've been chasing Summer Highland Falls since then. Please consider playing it tonight! I love All for Layna but I've heard it a few times. 😊

    Love Ya. Stoked to rock with all y'all!!
  • Barbara902Barbara902 Posts: 1
    Our 1st but not last Billy Joel show. It was absolutely great, the music and Billy Joel and his band was one of the best concerts I've been to in 40 years. He had this concert hall rocking! I grew up listening to Billy Joel and last nights concert at the Amelie Arena was fantastic and one I'll never forget. I love how he mixed up the show and the guy who played sax and each individuals of the group who sang right down to ZZ Tops "Tush" blew us away. I'll never forget the excitement and seeing everyone on their feet Rocking! Thanks Billy for making this old girl feel 20 again :-)
  • Having been a Billy Joel fan for 50 years I was more than thrilled when my son purchased tickets for the show at Amalie Arena. I was amazed at the
    diversification of ages in the audience. In front of me were several women in their 70’s, behind me were a large group of 20 or so year olds. Next to me were a group of five probably in their 50’s..

    Billy Joel’s music spans so many generations. He brings such happiness to so many people. He has earned many, many stars on his halo for continuing to bring such happiness to so many.

    Bless you Billy !!
  • jhughes51jhughes51 Posts: 1
    At the concert, I was told they removed the concert posters before the Tampa show. Any chance they will be available to purchase online?
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