Uptown Girls Turn 50!

The news lately makes me sad. I am done with political divide, selfishness, bigotry and hatred. I want to see and spread happiness. For that reason I am sharing a fun and personal story about Facebook, friendship and Billy Joel that will culminate in Charlotte this Spring.
My name is Carol Broughton and I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I am a wife, a mom, a nanny, an eBayer and a die-hard Billy Joel fan. I still have my $15 ticket (wow!) from my first Billy Joel concert in 1984. I follow Billy’s official page on FB, eagerly awaiting any new concert announcements. Funny, each one still fills me with a rush of excitement followed by my inner voice squealing “I want to go to THAT one!” I am so fortunate to be married to a man who is happy to indulge the giddy teenager inside of me once a year. A few years ago I commented on one of the posts on Billy’s page. Another follower commented on my post and we shared a few remarks about our mutual love of Billy and his music. That is the moment that I first became acquainted with Beth Bray.
Beth and I quickly became Facebook friends, happy to have found someone to share our Billy silliness with. We referred to each other as “My Billy Joel friend” when talking with our spouses. We shared our longing to see him in his own “back yard” at MSG. We would send Billy memes to each other on our birthdays. We were simply two Billy Joel fans sharing an interest until we realized how much more we had in common. We share a love of dogs and dachshunds in particular, and we have each helped the other through the loss of one. We both love the beach. We both keep our ironing boards set up in our dining rooms. We both love Christmas. We both make “secret” family banana bread recipes at Christmas time, etc, etc. Yes, these are all silly and little things but there were just so many of them! We found ourselves repeatedly saying, “You, too?” before declaring ourselves #soulsisters.
After a while our Facebook friendship evolved into a real friendship. Our messages back and forth got longer and more personal. We both had trying situations in our personal lives and we were always there for each other whenever needed. We bonded over the discovery that we are both empaths and I can honestly say Beth has helped me understand better the kind of person I truly am. We both feel a desperate desire to spread kindness and happiness. Together we planned ways to anonymously send Secret Santa gifts to others who might need a little pick-me-up. And we dreamed of running away for a year to be roadie for Billy Joel. Girls can dream, right? We happily shared in each other’s joy as we both had the opportunity to see Billy Joel at MSG in 2018, about two months apart.
In January of this year I turned 50 and I knew a Billy show was exactly what I wanted to do to celebrate! I was busy trying to convince my husband that each and every one announced was the PERFECT one. Then Beth suggested that if we were traveling we should come to the show in Charlotte, just a few hours away from her. Beth turns 50 in July and was trying to plan a fun celebration for her big milestone as well. The wheels started turning and plans started to form. I am happy to say that on on April 18, halfway between our two milestone birthdays, we will be meeting in person and attending a Billy Joel concert TOGETHER!!! Beth has become one of my dearest friends and I can’t wait to meet her, to hug her and to sing at the top of my lungs with her at a live Billy show. Here’s to Billy, here’s to Beth, and here’s to a friendship that will be with me for the rest of my life! Charlotte, here we come! Be ready for the madness as these #UptownGirlsTurn50!!!


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