ticket prices

I have been trying to get tickets for my husband and I but I don't want to pay a over 150.00 per ticket , We ate big fans but were coming from PA, we will have to pay for parking , gas ect.... anyone know where I can get tickets for MSG for that price? I'm really upset I found tickwts in section 225 doe that price than they went up to $250.00
I'm thinking were never going to see Billy . I am so sad


  • colster102colster102 Posts: 1
    Marianne, I had the same issues but then my husband told me we only live once what are you saving the money for? I had to agree with him. He is 75 and I am 63 and doggone it we deserve it. Bite the bullet Mary Ann and take your husband to see the greatest performer ever!
  • Bigdale4Bigdale4 Posts: 3
    Ok but that does not solve the problem of the ticket scalpers that inflate Billys and every performers ticket price. It is time to fix that problem why should you have to pay double or triple for tickets when you could use that money lets say for food or medications or silly things like that. scalpers or resellers should be stopped!!
  • Bigdale4Bigdale4 Posts: 3
    Don't buy inflated concert tickets and performers will notice empty venues and then they do something about it.
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