Song request for You're My Home - Camden Yards - July 26th

I realize that there are many worthy requests for songs at each concert. I will make mine with the hope that there is an opportunity to play this song at the Camden Yards concert. Here's the story behind the request. In November 1987, my husband and I were married. For our first dance, my husband selected "You're My Home" as our song. The small local band that played at the reception did not know the song when we met to plan the playlist, however promised to secure the music and learn the song. They did not follow through on the promise, not learning the music or the words. The band did not let us know this, and attempted to play the song anyway...ruining a beautiful song and a once in a lifetime dance. If Billy could play this song, he can be sure that my husband and I will be dancing in the aisle...maybe it is never too late for that first dance.


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