Happy birthday request

My son, Jake will turn 11 tonight (7/11) at 11:11 pm. Is there any way Billy Joel can wish him a happy Birthday at the concert tonight? We surprised him with tickets for his birthday.


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    Friday, July 26th. Jim Sweeney - can't wait to see him for the first time! From Syosset, NY - and met him at Christiano's when I was 16! Amazing!
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    This Friday I will be at Camden Yards with my family seeing Billy Joel for the first time. It will be my 52nd Birthday. I can’t describe how excited I am to see my favorite artist in person. What makes my story a little different is that because of time, work, moving around and a million other reasons, I have never seen Billy…but I’ve met him.

    I grew up in Syosset, N.Y – the town next to Hicksville and spent a lot of time in Oyster Bay; living there for a few years before leaving the Island. When I was 16 (1983), my friends and I were eating pizza and drinking a few beers (yes, a bit underage) with my friends’ older brothers at Christiano’s – our favorite restaurant where my Mom and I would spend every Sunday night eating after a day at Centre Island Beach in Bayville. As we were finishing dinner, my friend Chris says “Christie Brinkley just walked in and went to the bar.” I think “shut up” were our exact words to him and before we could give him more crap about it, he follows up with “Billy Joel walked in.” Needless to say we grabbed our check and rushed around the partition as quickly as we could to see Billy and Christie sitting at the bar. As starstruck as we were, they both couldn’t have been greater. We spoke about the area and our rival High Schools. They could have brushed off this handful of local kids but they didn’t and Billy treated us all as friends. If I loved his music before, I liked and respected the man even more after this.

    No cell phones for a selfie, no twitters or posts. Only a story that some Long Island kids will hold on to forever and a cool story about meeting our idol and a truly amazing guy! 36 years later, I now live with my beautiful wife and two amazing teenagers (not too much of a handful  ) in Charleston. SC. I finally get to see him after all of these years and I know it will be worth every minute of the wait. Thank you Billy for the memory and thank you in advance for the memory this coming Friday!

    Jim Sweeney
    [email protected]

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