Happy belated Birthday Billy! Only being a few years younger than you I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I can remember . Consequently my four sons are also fans. My youngest is by far the most loyal fan.. we are celebrating his 30th birthday with you in July at Camden Yards. Myself, my wife, his mom, her boyfriend, my other three sons and my daughters-in-law. Steven Conto(the 30 year old) has no friends outside of our family. It would be a day he would never forget if you could possibly shout out a Birthday wish during the concert.
In would mean so much to all of us. I’m sure you receive all kinds of requests but Steven is a very special young man. We would appreciate it immensely! Thanks you so much for your time! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Pete Conto


  • PacontoPaconto Posts: 2
    Oops my email is [email protected] ! Thanks!
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    Hi Billy..I am a 62 year old Long Islander who was also born in the Bronx. Your music has become a cherished part of my spirit over the years. From what I have read, we have quite a lot in common although I can't find information about what hospital you were born in (I was Westchester Square Hospital) and why your family moved to Long Island. We lived in an apartment building located at 277 E 207th Street in the Norwood section of the Bronx. Like you, we moved to Long Island and my siblings have me to thank. As a child, I watched my mother take a box of candles out of a drawer and put six of them in my birthday cake. I woke early the next morning determined to get to the candles before anyone woke up. I lit them on the stove and paraded around the apartment. Soon I got bored and decided to explore the mysterious dark world under my bed. After finding only dust and candy wrappers, I tired of the candles and went into the living room to watch cartoons. When I went back into my bedroom I was shocked to see that the Teddy Bear on top of my bed was on fire. I got a glass of water from the kitchen and threw it on the Teddy Bear but now the blankets, pillow and curtains were on fire. "If I wake Mom, she will be mad" I thought and decided try another glass of water. The fire trucks arrived shortly after I woke Mom. Apparently, our lease was not renewed and my parents decided to look for a place in "the country". Massapequa Park turned out to be a good place to grow up. Our back yard opened to the Massapequa preserve where I soon fell in love with "the woods". There are many things in your bio that parallel mine but if you feel like sharing information about your earliest years, I would certainly be interested. Happy belated birthday!
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