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Rebecca S. is a Billy Joel SUPER FAN! She is Nassau County's Co-Chair for the 2020 Complete Census with Vanessa B-S, Suffolk County's Co-Chair for the 2020 Complete Census. At every meeting (25), Rebecca S. always says, "You all know how much I love Billy Joel...If only we can get Billy Joel to do a PSA for the 2020 Complete Census Initiative." So, my question, since Billy Joel is Long Island's "Rock N Roll Royalty", would his schedule allow for him to do a 30 second PSA for both Nassau & Suffolk Counties?

Thank you.


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    Good Day Mr. Joel,

    I send this note with great happiness and sadness for my Sister and Niece. Please let me start with their unexpected loss today. Both received terrible news on a trip which was to be a celebration for my Niece this weekend. My niece is graduating high school on June 14th and has been accepted to Point Part in Pittsburgh for Animation and Visual Affects. Today both were unexpectedly called and told there 2 year old German Shepherd’s spline ruptured and cancer was found. They had to make the decision to put Luna down. My Sister has loved Billy as her favorite artist for over 35 years. She passed this love onto her daughter. My Niece has suffered bullying throughout all of school due due to being different than the cool kids. She is a child who has sexual and gender identity issues, please note, this is private and she is not completely out yet. She loves Billy and we will be at the show tonight at Madison Square Garden, June 2nd. While this is probably a far reach, meeting Mr. Joel or a call out to Sophie Mikolon and her Mom, Tricia, would mean the world to these lovely and wonder people. My name is Terri Lewis and my email is [email protected] and mobile is 941-504-3734. We are sitting in section/aisle 112, Row 14, Seats 12-13-14.

    I understand there are may heartfelt notes to Mr.Joel on a regular basis but wanted to deal with my heartache and pain for them by writing. Writing is my therapy. This is how I deal with my feelings, wanting to make today a great day for them both.

    God Bless Mr. Joel and whoever receives this note.

    With my humblest affection,
    Terri Lewis
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