Billy’s 70th

We will be attending the concert on May 9th. It will be very special, as it is my sister, Dawn’s, bachelorette (her wedding is on 5/11) and my other sister Michelle’s, 50th birthday(on 5/10) and my cousin Marika’s 42nd (5/10) My sisters, cousins and I have been attending Billy Joel concerts together since 1983. Anytime he was in the NY/NJ area we would get tickets. We saw him with Elton John at Yankee Stadium and also the Last Play at Shea. Since he has taken up his residency at MSG, we have come at least 2x per year. We were at the 50th, 75th and 100th show. We even came in a blizzard( took me 4 hrs to get there). We love Billy! We even had shirts made for this special occasion! We are sitting in section 314. We would love to have some sort of shout-out ! It would mean so much!


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    i thought there was some kind of seat give away for may 9??? it is my birthday tooooo!
  • I'm so excited to come to Billy Joel's 70th birthday show this Thursday!!! It's a particularly special one because I am going with my friend, LeeAnne, whose 39th birthday is the same day! Although we are both born and bred Long Islanders, she moved away and is traveling for hours to see the show and celebrate with me, her sister and my hubby. It feels even more special because 3 of us saw the Millenium show together at MSG on 12/31/99 and during that show, we had last row seats and Billy's people randomly asked us if we wanted to move up to the 2nd row -- we happily and excitedly obliged!!! It was a night to remember, as I'm sure this Thursday will be! It would be awesome to get a happy birthday shout-out to LeeAnne. And happy birthday, Billy!!!!
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    My future mother in law Patrice from CT will be attending as a birthday gift from her family with her husband Rich, and it is her 60th birthday. Sure would be a icing on the cake to have a birthday wish from Billy Joel...
    Thanks ,
    Chris from CT
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