Hi Billy,
I’m adding one more message to the many listed here, also hoping that you will see it! On July 15, 1978, Armando and I danced to “Just The Way You Are” on our first date (at our favorite disco- remember them?). We fell in love, got married and we will be celebrating 38 years of marriage at your May 9th Birthday concert. Your music has taken us from meeting and marriage in Chicago, moving to Austin, TX, now living in Ft. Worth, TX. We’ve seen you in Dallas over the years. I was looking for tickets to your concert at Globe Park when I saw that tickets to your birthday concert were available. So why see you in Texas when we can see you in New York at MSG!!! We are BEYOND thrilled, cannot wait! It’s also our first time in New York, your concert is the highlight. Can you PLEASE play “Just The Way You Are”?? There is not a song of yours that we don’t love, it’s just that this one means so much. I must say I used to sing “Lullabye” to my children and now I sing it to my grandbabies. Sorry to ramble, it’s just that you are like an old friend that has travelled our life’s journey with us - truly. “You never let me down before...” Anyway we are Armando and Violet Loredo and we’ll be in section 214, Row 4 - see you soon!!
Very blessed & grateful,


  • violoredovioloredo Posts: 4
    We are also celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary, so it will be a special night for us, in addition to celebrating your 70th birthday!!
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