big fan

I used to see Billy Joel weekly when He lived in Oyster Bay. He came into the deli I managed for years until I left town in 1986.


  • I will be in town on valentines day, but cannot find affordable tickets
  • im a big fan of billy joel too he rocks
  • luanndavisluanndavis Posts: 1
    I hear that Billy Joel will be coming to Camden Yards in Maryland, in July 2019. My husband is a true fan and had a brain bleed in August of 2018. The doctors were not sure if we should do any surgery but my sons and I wanted to give him a chance. Surgery was August 22, 2018 to have part of his skull removed and with pressure from the bleed he was in a coma for 2 weeks not knowing if he would ever be able to survive. He very slowly stated to come out of the coma with the help of the wonderful team at Shock Trama at the University of Maryland and music by Billy Joel. We would play music in his room in the intensive care and he began to mouth the words and move his right hand with the music. I would love to get my husband to the concert in July. At the present time, he is going in for the surgery to have his skull put back in on Jan. 23. He has little movement on his left side- leg and arm, but hoping to improve over the next several months. He is confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed at this time. He is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and friend to everyone. I am currently trying to move into a house with one floor to bring him home to in the near future. As you can see, financially I would not be able to put this expense out at this time. Would you please grant my wish for my husband, Kevin. He is and has always loved Billy Joel's music. Fingers crossed I can surprise him with this wish.
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