Just The Way You Are Request - Chicago

rgilbertrgilbert Posts: 1
I'm taking my wife to the show in Chicago at Wrigley Field for our 40th Anniversary. Just The Way You are was supposed to be the first dance at our wedding but the band did not know it. I would hope you could help me make it up to my wife after 40 years waiting. Thanks in advance. Ralph & Peggy

PS Saw you play in Champaign, IL in 1975. Peggy is still asking why I did not take her.


  • I'd like to request this as well. I just got my parents tickets for their 38th Anniversary and Just The Way You Are actually was their first song on their wedding. I would really appreciate it if you could play it.
  • JbslpJbslp Posts: 1
    I hope he adds "And so it goes" at the Chicago concert
  • j13stinej13stine Posts: 1
    Love to hear Just the Way You Are as well!

    I've seen Billy each time he's been at Wrigley and his shoes have NEVER disappointed! I've seen a few requests for songs, so I thought I'd give it a try! ;) I would love to hear Why Should I Worry (from Disneys Oliver and Company). I know it's not the most well known song, but it's one of my favorites...love singing it full out (hopefully no one is listening).

    Not sure if these requests get to the man himself, but I thought it was worth a shot! Regardless, I cannot wait till Friday at Wrigley!!
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