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Hi my signin is karend416 my husband n I first saw billy Joel at the garden when we were first dating a little over 30 years ago an he was amazing. I remember we had seat all the way up top n we were able to sneak up front to get a closer view. Well we will be back again to see him but this time at the garden for our 30th wedding anniversary. This I thought would never happen because I was told a few years back that my husband Jeff only had a 40% chance to live, we were told he had stage 4 cancer n chances were really bad. Well here we are now n his dr.’s were in shock he made it through but he did. Here is where the next question comes in we would love to meet billy, but if it’s not possible I understand. We will be there celebrating on April 13.
Thank you for listening n thank billy for the terrific music he plays Karen


  • Abbeyvet60Abbeyvet60 Posts: 1
    Hi, my name is Anne O’Rorke, I live in Scotland and have been to see Billy many times,I was booked up to see Billy on the 23rd June in Dublin,but a couple of days before it I was surprisingly diagnosed with breast cancer which came as a great shock,but my doctor said I could travel to the concert and see Billy before I started treatment, as usual Billy was at his best,I had mixed emotions trying to get my head around the fact I had cancer. I was just wondering if I could get a get well wish from Billy, I have travelled often to see his concerts and a simple get well wish would mean the world to me,please make a58 year old fan very happy. Thank you xx
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    Hi my name is Debbie and my 14-year old son is a huge fan! He is on the autism spectrum and doesn't ask for much in life. He struggles with social connections and often, unfortunately, not included in things through the years that most kids his age were (don’t get me started about birthday parties 😏). He is inspired by your music and he uses it as comfort when feeling a little stressed out. When he first heard you were coming to our hometown of Kansas City, Mo he was afraid to go because of the crowds and noise. As it gets closer he decided he can’t miss it and will deal with those things just so he can hear your music live. He also was excited to meet you because he thought that would just happen because he was at the concert. Can you help me make his wish come true? Can we arrange a meet and greet so he can see and talk to you for just a couple of minutes? I would appreciate any help you can provide. We are not a family to ever ask for anything, but this is one that I am willing to look silly for to help him this one time. You should know you are in good company- he is a huge James Bond fan so the only other person that was on his dream list was Roger Moore! 😀 Thank you just for your consideration. My username on here is dmhoush. I hope that is enough information because I’ve never done anything like this before.
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