Just wanted to say--

BRKyleBRKyle Posts: 1
If you read this, Billy, I've been a fan since the Piano Man in 1972 or so. Your music has been a welcome and worthwhile part of my life ever since, changing with the times but with a core that was unique and immediately recognizable. Thank you for it, for the genius, the inspiration, and just plain hard work that goes into the music, composition to arrangement to recording, performance, and the persistence that makes it all possible.

Thank you for being the huge part of my life that you have been and are now. Enjoy your wonderful young family. I hope to see you in concert again soon.


  • LisaFLisaF Posts: 1
    Dear Billy, I am so excited to have tickets for your 100th MSG concert in July. This will be my 20th time seeing you in concert, spanning ~30 years and 3 states. Every concert is different and terrific in its own way. I hope you have some special things in mind to celebrate the 100th show at MSG. There are a few of your songs that I just love, but I have never heard in concert so I hope there might be a chance you play some of the "less popular" songs, like "ain't no crime" "I've loved these days", "james" "great wall of china" and "2000 years". I grew up on Long Island; I saw you first at the Nassau Coliseum when I was in high school and a few years ago I celebrated my 50th birthday at one of concerts at MSG. Thank you for writing the soundtrack of my life and for continuing to share your incredible talent with the world. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family. See you in a few weeks!
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