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    Individual autographs set a precedent. Most of the security don't understand the significance of a particular piece of memorabilia, especially Hassles stuff. You can have the greatest sob story in the world but the fact is you shouldn't expect anything from someone walking the floor before a show and shouldn't blame that on the crew.
  • I won tickets via MSG Network (Will Call Wednesday contest) for tomorrow night's show at The Garden. The person running the contest dropped the ball and never saw my two replies accepting the winning tickets. She's now telling me that she doesn't know if she can get me the pair for tomorrow night. How do you tell a 10-year-old Billy Joel fan that he can't go see his favorite singer perform because someone didn't do their job  correctly? Can someone please help me?
  • My Wife and I are fans of Billy Joel for many many years,We got the chance to see him years ago.The reason I am writing is that my wife just took ill and is in the hospital North Shore Manhasset just diagnosed with Cancer. It would mean the world to her if Billy Joel could send her a note or something to cheer her up.I know Mr Joel is very busy and a lot of people ask of him, but if he has a moment I would be forever gratefull. She is in the SICU unit at North shore Manhassett Hospital Room 511.She may be there for only a few more days.My wife.s name is Patricia Mastrolembo.If you need to contact me my name is John Mastrolembo and my E-Mail is [email protected] cell# 1-917-603-8504.Thank You and God Bless.
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    I don't even know what to say. I've seen you in Montauk, Ive met you at Hofstra, and Ive seen you Nassau Coleseum. I'm a Merrick, Long Island girl. I just don't think, except for Long Islanders how fucking talented you are. I'm nit a groupy, but my God, you ate awesome and you are my entire life. My life would be empty without Billy Joel. I live in PA now, they just don't get it. I love Elvis, but you... You sing about my lifr.
    Love you, Leslie Louise Longobardi
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    I am addressing this to Billy Joel's manager or anyone on staff who may be able to assist with this request.

    My daughter's 18th birthday is March 28th. I am a single parent on disability. I saved a very long time to give her this very special moment at the 50th show. It is a combination birthday and high school graduation present. There is not much else I can give her.

    She is an amazing human being; Scholar-athlete, National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Varsity Girl's Golf, President of her Temple Youth Group and won The President's Volunteer Service Award - Gold Medal. She has already committed to attending Binghamton University. I could go on.

    I was hoping that we could acknowledge her birthday in some way, she does so much for so many, especially me.

    Thank you in advance from a very grateful mom.
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    We are going to see Billy for the 50th Franchise Show at MSG on March 28th and was hoping to reach out to his manager or someone on his staff who might be able to pass a message along. We purchased the tickets at the hospital (North Shore University Hospital) the night before my mom passed away (Mom was the one who said to get the tickets!). She was only in the hospital for a few days and passed suddenly and unexpectedly.

    If anyone has an email or if someone who works for Billy Joel could reach out to me that would be wonderful. I have no doubt how busy he is and you are and how many requests he must get on a daily basis but was hoping to ask for a small favor (no back stage passes or meet and greets or anything like that). Let me know.

    Thank you in advance.
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    We are going to see Billy On Wednesday 3/28 - Not sure anyone is reading these but if it does make its way to Billy - if he can dedicate "Only The Good Die Young" to Elaine up in Heaven - Love John, Michelle, Ann Marie, Chris, Samantha, Jordan and your entire family . . . or any other song if it is not on his play list that night
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    Hey what do you guy's think of this?
    I'm seeing his at MSM April 13th. Should be a good time.
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