In Memory of Jeff Schock

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Today's news of Jeff Schock's passing has stunned the entire Billy Joel community. I think I speak for many of Billy's longtime fans, who have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff over the years, that he will be sorely missed. Jeff was not only a great rock photographer, videographer, producer, director, tour manager and archivist for Billy for over 40 years, but a wonderful ambassador for the entire Joel organization. He was always so friendly and gracious to fans. Greeted us with hugs and smiles at every show. Took our pictures. Followed us on Facebook. Sent us birthday greetings. He treated us like extended musical family. It was obvious that he loved his work and Billy.

This website and the Billy Joel universe have lost a huge contributor and a really good man. RIP, Jeff. It is true...only the good die young.


  • I met Jeff in 1976 when he became our tour manager, replacing Jerry Schilling. We were out supporting our new record, Turnstiles. He always seemed to be so incredibly youthful, and it belied his toughness & determination. Talking to him was always a pain in the neck, literally, being that I'm 5'4", and Jeff was a skyscraper. I last saw him on June 4, 1977, our 3rd night at Carnegie Hall.
    We reconnected last year, and he became a real fan of my music, and provided good insights, information and frankness. He'll be sorely missed. RIP Jeff Schock.
    Howard Emerson
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    It's a sad day for many of us who knew Jeff. My heart is empty and I'm loss for words. My condolences to Jennifer, Jeff's Children and all who loved Jeff! RIP Schocker as I always called him! Loved him ..... Very cool person!!!
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