St. Louis Busch Stadium Concert for my Dad's 60th birthday

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My Dad, Leo, has tickets to the St. Louis Busch Stadium Concert on September 21st, 2017 to celebrate his 60th birthday. I know he would love a birthday shout out! Is this the best place to post for a request like that?


  • Well, our tickets were bought for Leo's 60th birthday, here in St. Louis, Busch Stadium on September 21, 2017. The unrest in St. Louis was not making it safe to possibly get to and from the concert. We choose not to attend! You can imagine how disappointed we were! Maybe Billy Joel did give a shout out for Leo per our daughters request? We will never know!

    After the unrest in St. Louis, we waited to see if Billy Joel would cancel the concert as two other concerts had already been cancelled. I had asked for a refund through the St. Louis Cardinals, who told me they could not refund our tickets that was up to Live Nations. I spoke to Live Nations, who told me they did not see him on their schedule, you should call told me they only sell the tickets for the concert and referred me back to the St. Louis Cardinals since that was where it was being held. What a round robin! I spoke to the St. Louis Cardinals Box Office who told me they were only hosting the event, they could not refund our tickets but they did take my name, phone # and e-mail. I had two people from the St. Louis Cardinals contact me and gave me the local number to Live Nations. When I called Live Nations I had to leave a message and Live Nations never called me back.

    I wonder if Billy Joel knows how the companies working for him is handling his business? Would Billy Joel be pleased with the lack of response from the company that handles his bookings?

    So sorry to have missed seeing Billy Joel!
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