Please Reschedule Saint Louis

The Civil unrest here makes it unsafe for our wives and daughters to get to and from their cars.

Craigslist is FLOODED with Billy Joel tickets as everyone is afraid to go.


  • are you still coming , Bono cancelled not good with protesters, my wife fearfull
  • Please re schedule,,,,safety is not guaranteed nor access to the stadium. Bad time in St Louis for this concert.
  • Re schedule the Sept 21 concert in St Louis...please!!!
  • danopotterdanopotter Posts: 2
    This was the statement made by Ed Sheeran's representatives, and it should be the view for this concert. Law Enforcement cannot protect the fans from the stadium to and from their cars. Some lots are 8 to 10 blocks away.

    “With the safety of the fans being of upmost concern, and after consulting with local officials, who could not fully commit to providing a sufficient amount of police and other city services support, we felt it was in everyone’s best interest to cancel Sunday night’s show. While we regret to have had to come to this decision, we do look forward to returning to St. Louis as soon as Ed’s schedule will allow in 2018.”
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