Fenway show

pilam76pilam76 Posts: 15
For the August 30th Fenway show, I am flying in from Miami. Would love to meet other fans before the show to grab a beer.


  • jonr0921jonr0921 Posts: 3
    Wow… flying all the way from Miami? That's dedication! This will be my fourth Billy Joel concert, all in different locations I saw him at Yankee Stadium in 90, the garden in Boston in 07, Madison Square Garden in 16, and now this one. I also have a Collection of many of his CDs of concerts going back to the 1970s! I guess you could say I am a huge fan as well. Coincidentally, the town Billy grew up in (Hicksville/Levittown, NY) is 5 miles from where I grew up. So a lot of his songs resonate with me as far as the locations and such. Not to mention the fact that each of his songs have such a story behind it. Enjoy the show!
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