Garden concert. Nov 21st

Does anyone know how I can in touch with Billy Joel through email?. We had an incident that happened the night of the concert and I really feel that he should know what happened to my friends and I and what went on at that concert..
We drove from South Jersey and paid quit a bit of money to come and see his concert. There were a group of people sitting behind us that were totally obnoxious and completely intoxicated. during the entire show. They were talking ,laughing and being really disruptive , so much that we could not even enjoy ourselves. Everytime we wanted to take a video they made sure they yelled out disgusting comments. When he was singing She's only a Women to me" they shouted out and I quote... "Shes only a vagina to me"... every time he said that line. My friend turned around and asked them to please stop as came to see the show and not listen to them and their response was and again I quote..." Why don't you shut the fuck-up"... When they were showing videos of people at the concert on the screens in front of us there were several young ladies that had very low cut tops on. The comments that were made were absolutely disgusting..
It was was the most horrible experience we have ever had at a concert and we have been to several.
We were very saddened to think that this is what happens at A Billy Joel concert.. My friends and I were thankful that we didn't have any of our grand daughters with us. I will also be emailing the garden as this has left a very bad taste with us and will think twice before going to a concert at Madison Square Garden again.. I am sure Mr. Joel would not be please that this is going on while he is up there entertaining his fans.
I don't know if he reads any of this discussion I am hoping he does.. If not if there is anyway I can get in touch with him I would appreciate it..


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