Classic live show downloads????

Bruce Springsteen just embarked on a new project a few months ago..... He is making available through his website live high quality downloads of full concerts from his archives.... Great stuff, with about one every 6 weeks or so being made available...this got me thinking about Billy and what he may have in his archives???? Now we already have the WMMR 72 show included with the Piano Man Legacy release, and the Carnegie Hall show from 77 that was included in the Stranger box set.. But there must be a lot more pro recordings that his team could remaster/remix and make available for us diehards!! They obviously have Naasau 12/11/77, as a 5 song bonus disc was included in the Best Buy Stranger box... Plus all the shows recorded during Glass Houses tour for Songs in the Attic..Bottom Line 76 was recorded and aired over the radio.. C'mon Billy!!!! This is something that could be great!



  • I agree and would love to have a live show cd from The Glass Houses tour to get some of the rarities that are so good!
  • SritzFitzSritzFitz Posts: 34
    The "other" songs recorded for SITA are a real treat, if you know how to get them. The Miami on the album even has a whole sax track that for whatever reason got removed.
  • TweeterTweeter Posts: 5
    Well if they start releasing more of the Legacy releases of his albums like they promised years ago we may get some of those far only Piano Man, The Stranger, and for whatever reason Kohept have been given the Legacy treatment. Where the hell are the rest of them...The Nylon Curtain, Glass Houses, 52nd St., Turnstiles, Songs In The Attic??
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