Seats behind the stage ok?

I have seen billy joel a long time ago at that time he really played to the people seated behind him. I have a chance to get front row tickets behind him and was wondering if he still does play to the people behind him. Thanks in advance for any info on this topic..


  • mattzmattz Posts: 5
    Oh, YES! I had seats behind the stage for one of this shows a few years ago. DAMN best seats I've ever had for one of his shows. He did walk around on the back of the stage for quiet a bit. The nice thing about Joel's stage is how flat it is, so no matter where you sit in the arena you won't be obscured by anything from the stage.
  • DazzhazDazzhaz Posts: 1
    MSG behind the stage is great. I had 23rd row floor and Madison Club section 60 behind. Think behind was actually better!
  • jude32jude32 Posts: 2
    Any problems with sound quality by being behind the stage? What about the video monitors?
  • Rickshaw14Rickshaw14 Posts: 1
    I am heading to New York from the UK in February with my family for my 50th, just saw that Mr Joel is playing when I am there and the only seats available are for behind the stage, I thought I was getting to see him and the band in their dressing room?! Obviously not the case.<div>You can confirm that these seats are good value? That said I probably don't care, the man is a genius and I have listened to him for over 30 years, cant believe I may get the chance to see him live in New York, dreams are made of this!! Now my kids can get the chance to understand why I play him loud in the car.</div>
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