Concert of Album Cuts

I've been a fan since the 70's and been to 5 or 6 concerts along the way, most recently at CBP in Phila on 8/2/14 with my wife and daughters.  As always, it was a great time!  I'm just wondering if Billy would consider doing a tour (or shows at MSG) featuring only album cuts.  My family would love to hear songs like "Rosalinda's Eyes", "Half A Mile Away", "Until the Night", "All About Soul". and "Big Man on Mulberry Street".  Maybe Billy would enjoy performing some of these great songs as a change of pace from doing, for the umpteenth time, the "hits".  I'm sure there is a large audience for this type of show.


  • bulldogg75bulldogg75 Posts: 4
    i have heard all songs and i have seen him over 12 times. other night was first time i ever heard vienna in concert. he always has done the same basic songs every show either in DC, Philly or at MSG.
  • Brendan72Brendan72 Posts: 7
    I would definitely buy tickets to a concert of album cuts or somewhat the same
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