Citizen's Bank Park August 2, 2014

I was wondering since Billy hasn't done Captain Jack for a while in Philly if he would do it this time.  I'm bring my two kids age 10 and 7 and they would like to hear it.  I would too because it's been way too long since I've heard this song played in Philly.  FYI, I"m on the recording on the Songs in the Attic Album with the screaming crowd during the intro.

How about the rest of the Philly/NJ/DEL fans that are going, don't you want to hear Captain Jack this time?????!!!!!!


  • Yes I would love to hear that as well.  Can't wait for this concert!  I have never seen Billy Joel live, so excited.  Hoping for good weather that night.  I am trying to find out what time the gates open at CBP?  Do you know??  I was told to call TM.    Have a fun time!
  • Brendan72Brendan72 Posts: 7
    I am going to the Billy Joel concert on 8-2 at CBP and I like your idea about playing Captain Jack. But I would really like to hear Angry Young Man. To me it's a classic. I love the piano playing and the lyrics. According to billy has not played The Angry Young Man yet in 2014. Me and my dad love that song. I am going with my mom,dad and sister. I love that song and I listen to it all the time on my iPod and my last play at Shea disk. Please play AYM. THANK YOU

    P.S If you do decide to play Angry Young Man please do not cut Allentown.
  • We are a family of 4. The kids are 15 and 11. My husband and I have seen billy joel in the NY metro area( NY, CT, Jersey) anytime he is around for the 20 years we have been together. We took the kids to Last Play at Shea but they were young and don't remember much of it. My husband and I saw Billy at MSG in March for my birthday. Our children have heard all of his songs their entire lives. My husband and daughter danced to Vienna at her Bat Mitzvah. We are going to see him at CBP as a family on 8/2. Hopefully he will play Vienna and Angry Young Man for the kids. My husband has decided that She's Got A Way is my song so maybe he'll play that as well.. We are excited and looking forward to the concert. A 3 hour drive for us....But so worth it!
  • heybulldogheybulldog Posts: 3
    <p>Billy(and band to convince him)</p><p>Philadelphia(not Philly!) is a long time Joel supporter.I have seen you at every venue except JFK which I don't think you had the unpleasantry of playing.</p><p>PLEASE!! Limit the Glass Houses record company songs and give us more Billy the Kid,AYM,and Summer Highland along with some 80's gems.</p><p>Truth be told,,I graduated in 1980 and you were a Spectrum god until Glass Houses made it seem like Hall and Oates.</p><p>Either way,,my family and I will be there high fivin to each tune!</p><p>
  • I don't really care what Billy plays, I will enjoy it.  Looking forward to Saturday!  <div>
    </div><div>The gates open at 6:30 in case anyone wants to know.  I think the opening act is Gavin DeGraw at 8pm.  </div>
  • kimmi06kimmi06 Posts: 1
    I hope he plays Matter of Trust! This will be my first time seeing him live. I'm flying in from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada for the concert. I CAN'T WAIT!
  • dhdesignsdhdesigns Posts: 1
    I am going to the concert on 8/2 at Citizens Bank park. I got very lucky that 8/2 is my birthday and Mr. Joel is playing so close to my home. It is a great birthday gift - row 9 seats! I was wondering if Mr. Joel would wish me happy birthday. Thanks.  Donna H
  • Cici1012Cici1012 Posts: 1
    I'm hoping he plays If I Only Had the Words. I got married in October and it was the song my father and I danced to. I bringing him to Saturdays concert as a birthday gift as well as a thank you for all he has done for me. We both cannot wait!
  • Jaxmom8Jaxmom8 Posts: 1
    Just the way you are is my wedding song. I grew up listening to Billy Joel. You are my mom's and now all of her kids favorite. We surprised my mom with tickets to your show on 8/2 for her 60th birthday! It would be great if you could wish Carol a happy 60 th!!
  • Brendan72Brendan72 Posts: 7
    I love keeping the faith even though I heard it for the first time on 7-27-14. Going to be at the concert tonight. Hoping for no rain!!!
  • mark81955mark81955 Posts: 2
    <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2"><span style="line-height: normal;">WOW, what a great show!! Weather was great! The wife and I knew every word or every song... Had a great time... Thank you Billy for all the memories... See ya next time in Philly</span></font>
  • bulldogg75bulldogg75 Posts: 4
    First time i was at philly show and he didnt play Captain Jack. i was glad he played Vienna, Uptown Girl and Longest time
  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
    First time in decades Captain Jack wasn't played in Philly...very surprising.
  • Brendan72Brendan72 Posts: 7
    Someone I talked to says he needs to be drinking wile playing captian Jack and he is not drinking anymore. I was also disappointed he didn't play MIAMI2017 and THE BALLAD OF BILLY THE KID. Also EVRYBODY LOVES YOU NOW. But the concert was still amazing
  • Brendan72Brendan72 Posts: 7
    SpitzFritz. Why do you think he didn't play captian Jack . Also he has not p,ayed the PRELUDE/ANGRY YOUNG MAN in a while.wy do you think he hasn't done that. My dad thinks he doesn't have the piano playing and singing in it, in him anymore. But if he can song uptown girl than wy could he not sing AYM?
  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
    I've got no idea regarding was always guaranteed in the set there going back to the early 80s, but it being omitted has nothing to do with drinking.
    AYM is another conundrum for this tour. I believe it was on the set for the spur-of-the-moment Huntington show but he passed on it. It might be something to do with the piano part, but although it sounds good it's really not that hard (but then again I don't have 65 year old hands.) I would highly doubt it has anything to do with the vocals, since it's not that difficult of a song.
    And as far as Uptown Girl, for most of the song it's not even him singing, it's Mike Delguidice.
  • Brendan72Brendan72 Posts: 7
    Oh. Do you think he'll put either of them on the setlist for any of the concerts for the rest of the tour?
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