Feway Park Tickets

My 12 year old Daughters loves you Billy Joel. Cost of tickets for your Fenway Park show on June 26th are VERY expensive ($600 for 2) I can't even find two seats together. She turns 13 years old the very next day. She wants to see you there. HELP!!!!


  • I guess he doesn't even read this stuff!
    So much for that!
  • SpitzFritzSpitzFritz Posts: 95
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    First off, you're referring to 'scalper prices' from StubHub, not the tickets as they were sold when the show went on sale, which sold out in minutes.The only tickets left that are available directly from the Red Sox (they don't use Ticketmaster) are VIP seats at over $700 a piece, and last I checked there were only individual seats available with them. Compared to $600 for two, that ain't too bad. At this point, StubHub is going to be your best bet, and as the date gets closer those prices will usually go down a bit as people get desperate to unload them. There will be 50,000 people there who all had to pay up. Why you feel as though you're entitled to some preferential treatment is beyond me.
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    I looked at the price for my tickets. The seats one row away are goin for 800 for two. I bet in a week I could sell them for $1000. I kinda wanna sell them. I'd make like $600 if I did
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