Phoenix/U.S. Airways Center

Billy: Welcome to Phoenix for your fantastic concert.  Have an incredible concert, stay cool, and I will be sending the light.   I hope I will see you in concert later--maybe on the east coast.  Divine peace. Love, Joni


  • I went to the concert in Phoenix last night. I have been a fan of Billy Joel's for almost 36 years. I heard only the good die young in July 1979. I was 12 years old. This was my fourth Billy Joel concert. I am not a rich person, but I have always stood by his music. I bought the albums, then I bought the cassette tapes. After that I bought the CDs. I still have all of them. I have all the VHS tapes except the very first one that was recorded underground right before he moved to LA. Again, I have been a fan for almost 36 of his 50 years as an entertainer. I have always been a proud fan of Billy Joel.

    Only the good die young hooked me, but my favorite is your My home. My son loves the ballad of Billy the Kid, and my daughter always loved the River of dreams CD. I don't know which song but that was the CD she loves most. When they were children, both in the fifth grade one year apart, during social studies the teacher put on we didn't start the fire. The teacher handed out the words and my children already knew them. All the kids stared at my children and the teacher stared at my children because they didn't need the words. My son is now a Marine, and on his first tour of duty in Iraq he was a roommate with a guy from New York. They traded I pods and the guy from New York just wanted to know why he had so much Billy Joel on his iPod when he was from Missouri. My son answered... "my mom's a freak" The boys actually stood on a helicopter pad and sang we didn't start the fire sharing my sons iPod, in Iraq. My son called me that day, and I went to the VFW and sang we didn't start the fire for my son. I am also a veteran.

    About 15 years ago I saved a friends life. He was going to kill himself. After I saved his life, he went to his moms house and dug out an old 45 from the hassles that was a demo copy only sent to DJs. I emailed Billy Joel and begged for him to autograph this, in my opinion, priceless artifact when he was in Phoenix. I got no response.

    When my friend and I got to the stadium last night, I was bound and determined to find someone who would help me get this autograph. I started with T-shirt people, then I went to security who sent me to guest relations. I had floor seats. I really can't afford them, I will probably lose my house in about three months. I am a mother and a grandmother. I have gone to school and become a nurse, a teacher, and after that joined the military. My last big dream for now was to meet Billy Joe and to have him sign this 45 from 1967.

    That did not happen. When I got to the floor, I saw someone with the badge that read Billy Joel Guest. I found out he was part of the promoters. He looked around, after seeing my 45, and found someone on Billy Joel staff who he thought could help me. This person saw my 45. He told me Billy Joel would not autograph it. He was very kind, he explained that it had been a hard trip and he doesn't see people a doesn't autograph anything. Maybe in an airport if you see him, but he won't autograph anything. He told me he's had things since January that Billy Joel will not autograph. I tried to tell him I was a disabled American veterans, but he cut me off. Of course I was crying. I was crying a lot. My dream was being shattered. The person did ask me how many children I have and I said I have a son and a daughter. He gave me a bunch of guitar picks.

    I don't know about you, but since July 1979, I have always been a true fan. Again, almost 36 of his 50 years in entertainment. No offense to his opening act of Gavin, but I think I am the bigger Billy Joel fan. I've been around a couple days longer!

    Last night was the first time I was ever sad to be the Billy Joel fan.
  • One other thing, the 45 came out before I wasn't even one year old.On the plug side, the DJ wrote bad and dated it 10-3-67 In red ink. At that time I was six days old. I believe Karma brought this 45 to me. And again Gavin he was in my life before yours!
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