I see that on several dates there appears to be a General Admission VIP area at
the stage. </p>
there is little information at Ticketmaster, I assume these go on sale on the
day of the show.  </p>
in point as I saw them only today as a category for the Auburn Hills show
tonight.  </p>
insight would be greatly appreciated as I have my heart set on a show in the
near future.</p>
contact me at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> or post here. 


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    Not much participation at this fan site....???
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    You would have gotten a response had your initial post been readable. The front rows aren't sold but TM does sell a few toward the front at a large markup as "VIP" seats. They go on sale with the rest of the tickets, and I suppose if you saw the category but no availability they've all been grabbed, and if there were any available it's because nobody wanted to pay the money.
    There always is a ticket drop the day of the show where you can luck out with a decent seat at face value, but that's all based on luck and timing. It works out well if you're closeby and willing to roll the dice.
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    you are a douche and my initial post was quite readable.  you blow.  this entire forum blows.
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