Best seats in Philly

CJG17CJG17 Posts: 2
Does anyone know how to get good seats?  Tickets go onsale tomorrow for Philly, and I will be ready to purchase, but from past experience I always end up very far away.  I would like to sit on the field.  Any tips to try to get better seats this time?


  • FritzSpitzFritzSpitz Posts: 122
    No real special tips except the online right when they go on sale, have as many devices going as you can (laptop, iPhone, etc.)
    Honestly in my experience if you are able to get on field seats you're going to be further back, and especially if you plan on 'sitting' you might be better served being in the stands. You'll be just as far away in some cases but you'll be up enough where you won't have thousands of heads in front of you.
    And then of course there's stubhub, where you will most definitely be able to find something up close, but you'll also be paying quite a markup.
  • CJG17CJG17 Posts: 2
    Thanks!  I have 3 devices all up and running ready to purchase!  Good luck to everyone!
  • Good luck!  Let us know how you made out.  I found it difficult to get any good seats. I had 2 devices going and I never got field, 100 or 200 level to come up ever.  Then I got locked out.  I was lucky to finally get back in and got 434 which is way up, but it was closer to the stage than the other I pulled up that were way too far back.  I am THRILLED to be in the house, having never seen Billy before.
  • They often offer lousier seats first.... then release closer ones anywhere from 10-25mins in.... refreshing too quickly can get you locked out.... I generally set up 2 different profiles plus call on the phone with the help of others trying to go with me.... if you get anything close to the stage within first 10 mins consider it a gift from God....LOL.... but don't be suckered in by thinking "OMG that's all that's left I better grab these".... It's an Old Ticketbastard trick to help unload the tougher to sell tix first. Comcast and Ticketsnow & Livenation all practice the same nowadays.
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