Songs That Belong in Concert

Being a guy- I save money for movies that look GREAT on the big-screen. I'll go to the theatre for a movie with symphonic music, special effects and wide-shots. I am happy to wait for the less visually and acoustically intense movies to come out on DVD. This is true of music as well. It is my hope that the set-list at Shea will embrace a similar concept and include some of the deeper tracks that belong in such a magnificent setting.
Scandanavian Skies
Until the Night
Scandanavian Skies
While the Night is Still Young
Scandanavian Skies
No Man's Land
Scandanavian Skies
Close to the Borderline
Scandanavian Skies
Miami 2017
Oh- and, did I mention: Scandanavian Skies.
Keep up the brilliant work.
A fan since '74
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