Billy Joel has inspired a young musician

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When our son wanted to audition for a junior high school talent show at age 12 he started learning Piano Man but could not play it because it was too long (three-minute limit and he refused to abbreviate it). He finally settled on She's Got A Way, in part, because it fit. Later he learned New York State of Mind which he got to play in another show. We attended Billy Joel's concert in Birmingham, Alabama in 2007 and he (and we) loved it. At age 16 he was asked to entertain a rather large group at a medical meeting for after-dinner music with NYSOM, Scenes From an Italian Restaurant, Vienna, and Piano Man. Most recently he and several friends were able to record Movin' Out at a studio in Nashville for fun to celebrate their birthdays. These guys have a blast playing his music, and Billy Joel has inspired them to follow in his musical footsteps. I guess I'm a proud dad, but I mainly write this as a tribute to Billy Joel's musicianship and ability to capture and communicate stories and emotion of many human experiences in clever and memorable ways. God bless you, Billy Joel, we love you!

Sandy Stradtman

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