Shea Stadium!

Well i remember way back at the news confrence announcing the shows that Billy said the showss would be different, whether it was a new setlist, new song, and/or special guests. No Im wondering , How Special" will they be. No I have my opinion of what I think and hope might happen, ands I hope im not just building myself up fro a disasapointment, not that ive ever been dissappointed inthe 19 joel concerts ive seen since MSG in July 84, But I hope and think that this will truly be a Special Night! i GUESS IF ALL MY HOPES WERE to be fufilled, there would be a couple of BIG special guests, there would be somre acknowledgement of the beatles Musical connection to shea, and somewhere duruing the show billy would just go unannounced into a NEW song which he would say, and thats on my new album coming out in the fall!
' I know Im nuts, its been almost 15 years, theres been alot of water under the bridge, when I look back at my life in those ensuing 15 years, I can only mutter Yesterday when I was Young.
Life doesnt always deal you a fair hand so you gotta play it the best you can.,
From someone whose been Sober 4 plus years, I guess I can relate to some of what Billys been through, and if your reading this Billy, Theres only one person you havre to answer to and thats the man in the mirror,and of course that power greater than us all. Excuse my ramblings!
Thanks for 35 years of entertainment billy and keep on rocking!
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