Billy in Chicago, Billy in Milwaukee

slpslp Posts: 2
I was fortunate to go to 3 BJ concerts within one year; 2 in Chicago and 1 in Milwaukee. Anytime Billy comes to Chicago I am there. I have lost track of the number of BJ concerts and BJ and Elton concerts. He never ceases to amaze. I leave hyped for days to come. There is no musical entertainer in the world than can hold a candle to Billy. His music has made my life better. His concerts inspire me. He has performed these songs hundreds or thousands of times and he makes it seem new and fresh. And he gets everyone off their feet, dancing and singing. If I would be anywhere in this world at anytime it would be at a Billy Joel concert followed by a cocktail at The Italian Restaurant. I would just like to thank him for all the pleasurable moments he has given me.


  • cpdgirlcpdgirl Posts: 5
    hey any news if he's coming back to chicago in 2009? i saw him in Milwaukee in 08 and Last play at Shea on 18 jul 08 which was the best f??##$n awesome concert i saw in my life --wish a dvd would come out of that one!!!
  • dmclearsdmclears Posts: 1
    Have not missed a Bj concert! enn them all beginning in 1980! Its really not a Billy Joe tour until he comes to Chicago! Hope to see him again (12th time I think) in 2009!
  • metzfan22metzfan22 Posts: 1
    Billy and Elton are in Madison, Wisconsin on May 7th!!!! I think the concert is sold out, or will be very soon, but a friend of mine bought tickets for his friends, who now can't go. So we've got extras, if anyone is interested, e-mail me at [email protected]

    And yes, I was at "best play at Shea" on the Wednesday (the first one) was AMAZING, can't wait for the DVD!
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