Oh Dear

Hello from the UK.
I have often visited the Billy Joel site looking for up to date news about his music and was delighted when the site was updated. However, the risk with a site such as this is that you can get distracted from the music, as has happened with recent posts. Here I am sitting in the UK reading about the arguments fans are having in the USA.
I am too old to be worried about other peoples differences. I've been a BJ fan for 30 years and I am really happy to be still enjoying his music. The only way I would be interested in his personal life is if he wants to make an appointment to come and see me (yes I'm a therapist), but I think the commute would be a bit too much. (However Billy, if you are reading, this my hourly rate is very reasonable).
This is a new web site and we don't need to do what we have done before, we can be different.

Come on folks, lets enjoy the music for what it is, brilliant!!!!!!

Have a good time at Shea everybody, I am very jealous

Best wishes

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