I will also shine in on a few things

First off is it really necessary to call out one member on this site?

Like Joelfan this is a place for fans to come together and talk about the man whom unites us not a place to start flaming each other (esp for actions that may have taken place on another site)

Granted I am a member of Joelfan and have seen some tasteless things said about different topics relating to Billy and his personal life over the years while I don't agree with them (I my self am just happy to know that Billy and Kate are happy) I don't see the need to publicly trash somebody because of their thoughts.

I don't personally know Billy or Kate but when the night is over and Billy walks off the stage I doubt the first thing on his mind is "Oh what are people going to say about Kate and me" I bet you the first thing he's thinking about it getting the hell out of that arena and going home to rest.

I'm not going to stick up for those whom have expressed their thoughts about Billy and Kate (good or bad) but I am going to say if you have a beef with anybody on JoelFan.com, BillyJoelForum.com or any other Billy Joel fan site please take it up with the author don't let it spill out onto another site and ruin the experience for other Billy Joel fans.

This is a new forum can we please start from a new slate and let past sins stay in the past?!

Just for the record I am a die hard fan of Billy Joel I have every album that was released re-released and re-re-released, I love the guys talent I love the words he wrote and his crazy antics on stage but when it comes to Billy Joel off state I don't get involved because that is his personal time his personal life I respect the guy's privacy,

As long as Billy is happy then all is good!

Thank You

J From JoelFan
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