re jupiter

As a joelfan since 1973 who grew up about 6 miles from Billys home in Hicksville, I take OFFENCE to Jupiters diatrite against MO. Who are you to assail this person who do you not even know? If your one of Billys Insiders, then you are a sad excuse for whatever you are, for this is a fansite and not a site to attack a longtime Billy fan who happens to have an OPINION! People are entitled to opinions, we still do have freedom of speech in America, Bilys been through alot in his life and no doubt he;s been burned many times, But I dont think he'd want one of his"people" making disparaging remarks about a fan whose been with him forever! ans as far as he comment by the troll who insulted MO, One day at a time Pal! Obviously you are an ignorant child with to much fre time!!
See you all at shea and BILLY, Thanks for 35 years of entertainment keep rocking.
A fellow Long Islander
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