What happened to Russell?

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Dear Billy Joel,

I understand that you have gotten some new band members for your tour. However, I think it was unnecessary for you to kick Russell out! Russell, to me, was the best guitarist in your band. A lot of the replacements you have gotten are unoriginal and are just not the same as the Billy Joel band a decade ot two ago. I would really appreciate if you could bring Russell and the others back for a concert. In fact, it would be a great honor to see him now and how he plays now, if he still has the talent like Liberty does, and if he still has the voice. I have been your biggest fan ever since I heard you first album (3) and now I know every one of your songs, and I am trying to put all of them on my iPOD. I only listen to your music. I feel that it is the only thing that still has meaning in this world. Also, I am writing a whole comic strip on your song "Allentown." It is about three boys living in Allentown around the 60's, trying to get over their troubles, and having fun at the same time. I am a professional at the comics, but still I have become unable to show my talents to the world. I would also appreciate if you could help me in this field. Even so, I hope tpo make a musical with your music. It would be simply amazing. Please reply.


  • I completely agree with you, charrotte, Russel should be there in the tours with Billy. It’s a perfect combination. I also like your idea of making cartoon on Allentown. But I’m really disheartened to see that there is no reply here from Billy.

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