Finally (and introduction)

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I thought this day would never come! Anyway, here is my "why I am a fan" thingy as my introduction.

It must have been during my first year of high school when I was first introduced to Billy Joel's music. Of course, I had heard "Piano Man" before and I actually did a presentation on him in my middle school music class. But I didn't really have much of an interest in his music. In fact, I wasn't really all that into music in the first place, with Bob Dylan being the first artist I started to listen to (also in my first year of high school). That all changed when my mom played the album "52nd Street" for me, and from the first blare of the guitar in "Big Shot" I was hooked. I can legitimately say that Billy Joel is the reason I took up playing piano. He is the reason why I am now starting to write my own music, and playing shows at my college. It's hard to explain why his music speaks to me; there are so many reasons. But if I had to point out one aspect, it would be his musical talent. He may not be the best lyric writer (though he is very underrated in that category) but to me, a good melody is the key to a good song, and the majority of his songs have melodies that always stay with me. I have seen Billy live at least five times, and without a doubt they have been the best shows I have been to. His infectious energy when he performs inspires me to play with the same sort of enthusiasm.

Why am I a fan? I am a fan because without Billy, I doubt I'd be playing piano. Music is a huge part of my life now thanks in part to him, and it has helped me through rough times. In fact, I can hardly see myself getting through such situations without the help of music, especially Billy's. I just remember, after going through a particuarly trying romantic experience, listening to "You're Only Human" and just thinking to myself, "that's completely right: I am supposed to make mistakes." That is why I am a fan, and will always be a fan of Billy Joel.
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