Billy has no left thumb?

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Hey guys,
I have not been on the forum in soooooooooo long! Sorry! But any ways, I am back! Now this may be a stupid question but here goes, I watched a Billy Joel interview on You Tube that was from 99 and in the interview he said he had no bone in his left thumb, but then how does he snap his fingers? I saw snap both finger while doing Innocent man live.

Please help me understand this.

The 13 year old BJ Fan



  • I'm sorry I haven't got a clue but you've got a point how could he of snapped his fingers during concerts???Someone help us understand!
    Beth the 12 year old fan- Billy Joel rules!!!!
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    I believe his thumb got crushed in a motorcycle accident sometime around the recording of The Nylon Curtain, i may be wrong though. He may have been exaggerating when he said it as well.
  • I BELIEVE the top portion of his thumb has no bone due to the accident he still may have enough bone where the joit is to rub against to create a snap

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    it would be pretty hard to play the piano without your thumb.
  • I've seen him a dozen times. On one occasion, probably 15 years ago, he was doing the snaps on "Innocent Man." After six or seven snaps, he intentionally raised his hands to the microphone, then opened this hands to show he wasn't actually snapping. It was prerecorded. I assume that's the way he does it every time. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean he CAN'T snap. Perhaps he just wants it to sound perfect.
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