Another Buffalo Saga

First, my 15 year old son and I wish a speedy recovery to Mr.Joel.

That being said..I must say how profoundly disappointed we were to have arrived at the HSBC Arena at 6 pm to find the concert was cancelled.

I took my son to see Michael Cavanaugh play with with RPO last March and he took to Billy Joel's music like a fish to water. When I heard there would be a Buffalo concet with Elton John I offered a package deal to my son as as bonus for improving his school grades. His grades improved and we planned a Rock and Roll vacation. I took one and a half days off work, we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..listenening to Billy Joel and Elton John non stop...Friday we departed Cleveland at 2pm to make our way to Buffalo. We listened to FM Rock and Roll through Ohio,Penn.,Canada and NY...not a word about the cancellation.. We got to the HSBC arena at 6pm., paid for parking walked to the doors and read the posters. This has to be a joke I said to a guard..but it was not..
Security people told us Elton was sick and that the show was called off at 3 pm. Announcements were sent to radio, TV and internet. We had no access to the latter two because we were in transit in a car...but heard nothing on our stations..We were told to hang on to our tickets, no refunds were being made..and that the concert would be rescheduled "sooner rather than later" and "before hockey season"

Suffice to say my son was crushed...he had been looking forward to this concert for the better part of 4 months.I am a single parent, I work 6 days a week and the cost of this little adventure plus the tickets was not minor....We have traveled to concerts in Atlanta, Canada, Ohio NYC many many times..and have never experienced anything like this...ever..

I spoke with has been rescheduled..HSBC arena says to get a refund I have to go back to Buffalo...I am very very disappointed...for my son...How can I make this up to him?? How can I make time for a concert when he is back in school and I am working??
I know things happen...I just wish it would have been handled a little more professionally. And, if refunds required presenting the tickets in Buffalo..we should have been told that last night...

Again...I know things happen and we do both wish Mr.Joel a speedy recovery....our spirits will remain high for a happy ending..

Our deepest regards

Michelle Brownstein
Isaac Brownstein
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