DC Concert

Please play "She's Got a Way". It was my husband & my wedding song & our 1 year anniversary is 2 months away. It would really mean alot!


  • AWESOME CONCERT!! Even if Elton John's piano pedal did get stuck. Leave it to Billy to ad lib when necessary. The Battle Hymm of the Republic was SO appropriate, since DC is celebrating Lincoln's 200th b-day practically all year. As much as I love them both, Billy Joel is my MOST FAVORITE musician of all time, and he kicked in first while repairs were made. My husband, my 25 yr-old son and I went, 2nd time we all heard Billy together and about the 10th time for the two of us - the first time being in 1977. Our wedding song was/is JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, which of course he did. It was hard not to compare this concert to one exactly one year ago in Hershey PA. Just him, in Hershey stadium, packed, and he played almost 3 hours! Did just about everything, even BILLY THE KID! That was one of the best ever. Keep it up, Billy, for as long as you can. Your fans will never desert you.
  • lone-eaglelone-eagle Posts: 1
    We had field level seats in row 12. I was really looking forward to an awesome experience. This was the absolute WORST seating I have ever seen, and definitely did not look like the seating chart shown on line. The seats were so far to the left of the stage we could not see anything! We ended up watching the entire conert on the big screen, which was totally blank for some of the songs. Between $200+ each for the seats, $30 to park and WAY too much money for crappy food, I spent more than $500 on this concert, for nothing! Yes, they sounded great, but I can get great sound from a concert DVD in the comfort of my living room. I go to concerts to watch the band. Here, we got to watch what a camera man chose to show us, pretty much the same as on a DVD. This was a total waste of money!!!!! If they're going to have concerts in National's Stadium, they need to do some serious work and much better planning!

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    We had a blast at the DC concert even being in the very top section. My sisters and I went with our mom, and just loved the music. You couldnt help but get up and sing and dance!
    Thanks to Billy and Elton for a great time!
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