Open Letter to Billy..........

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I know they say you don't read these forums, but I felt the need to write this letter anyway. Maybe along the line someday someone will let you know what it says.
I want to thank you for all the wonderful years of music you have provided. Your songs have gotten me through many a troubled time. And they continue to do so today.
The first time I saw a picture of you, (oh so many years ago), I feel in love with your beautiful eyes and smile. I never had the chance to see you in person. Life got in the way over the years.
I am truly sorry you have not found what you are looking for in a woman. I know from years of listening to your interviews and reading articles about you that you truly would love to be a family man. Also, how you never considered yourself a rock star. I believe you still don't realize the full impact your music has had on the world. How you have touched millions of lives through your music.
I am glad you have your daughter in your corner. I think she is a great comfort to you.
Billy, there is someone special out there in the world for you. You are a man who deserves to have a good woman by his side. A woman that understands you and loves you for you, not for your money or fame.
I wish for you good health and lots of happiness.
Take care of yourself, the world loves you.



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    Now, that is heartfelt. Well done.
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    I truly hope that Billy does know the kind of impact he has had on the world. What a wonderful soul to be able to touch millions of people so individually. I am a younger fan, and was raised on the more "popular" Billy Joel songs, but I am now exploring more albums in depth, and I am being swept away by them. I just wanted to add, along with this beautiful post, how Billy's songs are reaching the younger generations. For this reason, his songs will live forever.
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